You really are what you eat.
The food we eat every day can cause serious medical problems.

Allergic reaction to food
We all know certain foods can cause a specific allergic reaction. In some individuals, foods such as peanuts, milk, shellfish, eggs and some grains can often cause a reaction such as difficulty breathing, coughing, hives or itching. The reaction to a food allergy is usually obvious and dramatic.

Food hypersensitivity is different
On the other hand, hypersensitivity often produces reactions that are more subtle and show up in ways that are usually overlooked or dismissed as an illness by the sufferer. The symptoms are subtle and develop over a longer period of time and can be misdiagnosed and treated without recognizing or addressing the root of the problem.

Hypersensitivity can lead to chronic illness
An estimated 95% of all Americans suffer from some form of food hypersensitivity and most are not aware of the problem. Over a long period of time, this can lead to chronic medical conditions that have a direct connection to the food we eat everyday.