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Frequently Asked Questions

What are food hypersensitivity tests?
A comprehensive food antigen profile testing over 100 antibodies can identify the foods that may be causing toxic reactions in your body. The blood for the test can be drawn at the office by Dr. Fine or his staff and then forwarded to a special laboratory for testing. Once your sensitivities are identified, steps can be taken to define the level at which the food produces a toxic reaction in your body. In other words, you may be able to eat 2 oz. of chocolate without a reaction, but just a little more may cause a resurgence of your symptoms.

Individuals who have identified the foods that cause their hypersensitivity and have taken steps to correct the problem see dramatic results. By working with Dr. Fine to identify not only which foods are toxic to you, but also at which level they become toxic can literally change your life.

How is food hypersensitivity different from food allergy?
An allergic reaction to a specific food causes an almost immediate reaction. Food hypersensitivity on the other hand, can build over a period of time before a reaction is noticed and the symptoms can be far more subtle. Put simply, two ounces of chocolate may not cause a problem for you but 2 1/2 or 3 oz may activate a specific long-term reaction.

How does Dr. Fine determine which food reactions are related to your symptoms?
First, Dr. Fine conducts a very comprehensive history and physical. He recommends that you complete the checklist and keep a food diary of the foods you ingest. Click on Unsure? Take This Test on the main menu to download your Daily Food Journal.

After your examination, Dr. Fine will determine whether additional testing is needed. Your food sensitivity test can be done at the office. Once your test results are complete, which takes approximately 2 weeks, Dr. Fine will meet with you to discuss your results and individualized treatment plan.

After the blood test, then what?
It takes approximately two weeks to receive the results of your test. Once the tests are received by Dr. Fine’s office, a staff member will contact you to set up a time for you to come in and review the results with Dr. Fine. Based on the results of your test, a personalized plan will be advised. Working closely with Dr. Fine and his staff, you will eliminate foods that are toxic to you to help you change your life and develop healthier eating habits.

What do I do first?
Go to A Brief Test section of this website for a simple chart to help you identify your symptoms. Fill it out and then call Dr. Fine’s office for an appointment. If you are a candidate for the food sensitivity test, blood will be drawn and sent to our testing lab. Once your test results have been reviewed, a plan of action will be created that will put you back on the road to better health.

Is this test covered by insurance?
Some insurance carriers cover food sensitivity testing, but many insurance plans do not. It is important to contact your healthcare insurance provider before you are tested to verify benefits and understand what out-of-pocket expenses you may be responsible for.

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